Child Care

Child Care is the most important feature of this Institution. Since its inception, it has been the policy of the institution to put the child in the center of all its activities. It is said that a child is a lamp to be lit and not a vessel to be filled. They are the future of our country.



Until 2005, the children were kept in Happy Home buildings. But due to shortage of space, they are now kept in different Hostels and Homes. The entire cost is borne by this Institution.


The main aim of this institution is to relieve the human sufferings of some of the poor, neglected and destitute children below poverty line irrespective of caste, colour, creed and religion. This institution is working very hard to provide some children with good education and help these children to reach certain standards in the society. This institution is very committed to prevent child labour and provide them with the basic education.


All the parents are very poor and struggle to lead their life with very poor wages. Most of them are not having even a small hut to live.


This year there are 216 children under our care in various Homes. Apart from giving them free food, clothing, accommodation and good education, we build their character and mould them in such a way, so that they may become good citizens of India.


We celebrate each child’s birthday in a grand manner. Till date, 1375+  children have successfully finished their studies


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